Virtual Engagements on Global China
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This public lecture series features international scholars and experts on a wide range of topics related to China's global presence and impacts. Each seminar will begin with a 30-min presentation, followed by another 30 mins of Q&A. The series is free and open to the global public. Participants must register before each seminar.


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- China's global soft power: 30th September 2020 10AM (HK TIME)/ 29th September 2020 10PM (EST) 

(by Maria REPNIKOVA, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Georgia State University).

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- China's global infrastructure:  24th October 2020 10AM (HK TIME),  23rd October  2020 8PM (MDT) 
(Timothy OAKES, Professor, Geography Department, University of Colorado/Boulder).

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- China and the global environmental crisis 11th November 2020 6PM (HK) / 11th November 2020 10AM (London)

(by Sam GEALL (Executive Director, China Dialogue).


- China's global migration:  9th December 2020 6PM (HK) Feb 2021 

(by Biao XIANG, Professor, School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford).


- Global China in Brazil: Spring Semester 2021

(by Gustavo de L. T. OLIVEIRA, Assistant Professor, Department of Global and International Studies, University of California).


- Global China and African industrialization: Spring Semester 2021

 (by Carlos OYA, Professor, Department of Development Studies, SOAS University of London).


 More details and information will be uploaded soon.

Online Event