Rethinking China’s Soft Power: The Pragmatic Enticement of Confucius Institutes in Ethiopia
Online Event

 Prof. Maria Repnikova (Georgia State University)

Date& Time : 29th September 2020 10PM (EST) / 30th September 2020 10AM (HK Time) ; 12PM (Canberra time) 

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This talk challenges the popular imagery of CIs as controversial and ideological by illuminating their practical offerings in developing contexts. Specifically, through the case study of Ethiopia, the presentation demonstrates that China’s fusion of practical or tangible benefits with language and cultural promotion invokes support from key participants, including university administrators, students, and Chinese teachers. At the same time, the apparent gaps between rising expectations of Ethiopian administrators and students and the limited resources on the ground, present a challenge for sustainability of CIs in Ethiopia and beyond.

This talk is from the Virtual Engagement on Global China Speaker Series. For more detail, please visit HERE

Online Event